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Abundant Supply of Natural Gas

We believe that the world is entering the golden age of gas. Natural gas will be the world's next great source of fuel and the most certain way to achieve energy independence. Technologies and know-how now exist to extract natural gas in a responsible manner. Although found in abundant supply at affordable prices in the U.S. and throughout the world, natural gas must be converted into liquid transportation fuels before it can be used in the existing transportation infrastructure. Our goal is to transform natural gas into readily useable transportation fuels.


A Cost Effective

Carbon Sciences is developing a cost effective solution to transform this abundant and affordable supply of natural gas into diesel, gasoline and other transportation fuels that burn cleaner than existing petroleum-based fuels. While large producers, such as Shell and Sasol, have built and operate world scale gas-to-liquids (GTL) plants for large natural gas fields, our solution is to develop and operate small-scale gas-to-liquids (miniGTL) plants. Producing approximately 2,000 barrel per day, our miniGTL solution integrates best of breed and proven technologies, which can be engineered to monetize the thousands of small and medium size natural gas fields found throughout the world.


Our First
miniGTL Plant

Carbon Sciences has announced a plan to build its first miniGTL plant in Texas, home to the oil & gas industry and some of the most active gas fields such as Barnett, Permian and Eagle Ford. Texas is not only a source of natural gas, but is also business friendly and a major market for transportation fuels. West Texas Gas, Inc., a leader in natural gas distribution operations, natural gas transmission services, gas gathering/processing, and natural gas liquids transmission services, has agreed to supply up to 30,000 Mcf per day of natural gas to produce ready to use fuels for today's vehicles.

How much fuel can natural gas make?

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