Company News

11.21.2017 - Carbon Sciences Completes Name Change to Digital Locations, Inc.
09.08.2017 - Carbon Sciences to Become Digital Locations, Inc.
07.06.2017 - Carbon Sciences Names New CEO
07.05.2017 - Carbon Sciences Narrows IT Acquisition Focus to Data Collection and Analytics
03.15.2017 - Carbon Sciences Continues Graphene Research Project with University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)
06.21.2016 - Carbon Sciences Announces University of California at Santa Barbara Again Ranked Among the World’s Top 10 Universities for Research Impact
06.14.2016 - Carbon Sciences Provides Progress Update on Graphene Optical Modulator Project
06.07.2016 - Carbon Sciences Extends Graphene Research Project with University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB)
04.26.2016 - Carbon Sciences Completes Stock Split
04.12.2016 - Carbon Sciences Announces Stock Split
03.08.2016 - Carbon Sciences Names New CEO
02.09.2016 - Carbon Sciences Plans to Extend Its Presence in the $3.8 Trillion Information Technology Market
12.15.2015 - Carbon Sciences Moves Forward with Its Plan to Use Graphene to Improve Cloud Computing Performance
10.27.2015 - Carbon Sciences Comments on $3.8 Trillion Information Technology Market
06.23.2015 - Carbon Sciences Using Graphene to Improve Cloud Computing Performance
06.16.2015 - Carbon Sciences to Develop Graphene-based Devices for Cloud Computing
05.11.2015 - Carbon Sciences Announces Successful Production of High Quality Graphene Using a Novel Low Cost CVD Process
04.07.2015 - Carbon Sciences Appoints Silicon Valley Veteran as Technical Advisor
02.03.2015 - Carbon Sciences Appoints Industry Executive as Strategy Advisor
01.07.2015 - Carbon Sciences and Leading Graphene Expert Launch New Venture
09.30.2014 - Carbon Sciences Sees Market Opportunity as IBM Considers Replacing Silicon with Graphene
09.16.2014 - Carbon Sciences Developing Breakthrough Technology to Mass-Produce Graphene – the New Miracle Material
01.28.2014 - West Texas Gas to Supply Carbon Sciences’ First Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Plant
12.10.2013 - Carbon Sciences Considering Texas Sites for First Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Plant
09.17.2013 - Carbon Sciences Opens Fort Worth Office and Adds Key Executives
09.10.2013 - Carbon Sciences Appoints James E. Leahy GTL Project Advisor
06.18.2013 - Carbon Sciences Focusing on Oklahoma for Its First GTL Plant
01.29.2013 - Carbon Sciences Enters into Technical Services Agreement with Fluor
12.06.2012 - Carbon Sciences’ miniGTL Plant to Feature Modular Design
11.27.2012 - Carbon Sciences Announces Plan For “miniGTL” Plant
09.05.2012 - Carbon Sciences’ Forecast Confirms Commercial Viability of Natural Gas-to-Gasoline Plant
08.21.2012 - Carbon Sciences’ CEO Featured on FOX Business Network
08.14.2012 - Carbon Sciences to Build a Plant for the Production of Cleaner Gasoline
07.10.2012 - Carbon Sciences Announces Solution for Users of ExxonMobil Gasoline Process
06.19.2012 - Carbon Sciences’ CO2 Technology Could Dramatically Change the Economics of the Natural Gas Industry
06.11.2012 - Carbon Sciences Could Benefit as Banks Back Green Technology Firms
05.23.2012 - Carbon Sciences’ CEO Featured on FOX Business Network and
05.14.2012 - Shell Executives’ Comments Confirm the Validity of Carbon Sciences’ Business Opportunity
05.02.2012 - Carbon Sciences Reports Successful High Pressure Test of Its Steam Methane Reforming Catalyst for Hydrogen Production
04.30.2012 - Carbon Sciences Targets $150 Billion Hydrogen Market
04.25.2012 - Carbon Sciences and Gas-to-Liquids Technology Offer Superior Solution to Utilize Clean Affordable U.S. Natural Gas
04.16.2012 - Carbon Sciences Positioned as a Pure Play in the Natural Gas Sector
04.05.2012 - Carbon Sciences Reports Successful Testing of Single Step Reforming of High CO2 Natural Gas
03.14.2012 - Carbon Sciences Files Additional Patents for Reforming of Natural Gas
03.05.2012 - Carbon Sciences Catalyst Test Results Point to Possible $6 Billion of Annual Economic Value
03.01.2012 - Carbon Sciences Reports Promising Test Results for Its Steam Reforming Catalyst
02.21.2012 - Carbon Sciences Discloses 2012 Development Plan for Steam Reforming of Natural Gas
02.13.2012 - Carbon Sciences Files Patents for Steam Reforming of Natural Gas
01.23.2012 - Carbon Sciences to Focus on Existing Hydrogen and Other Large Volume Chemicals Market
01.03.2012 - Carbon Sciences Introduces CarbonCrude™
12.08.2011 - Carbon Sciences Announces GTL Solution For Power Plant CO2 Mitigation
12.05.2011 - Carbon Sciences Encouraged by Shell's Successful Shipment of Gas-to-Liquids Products to the U.S.
11.21.2011 - Carbon Sciences and Gas-to-Liquids Industry Key to U.S. Job Creation
11.09.2011 - Carbon Sciences Announces Complete Gas to Liquids Solution
10.10.2011 - Carbon Sciences and the Alternative Fuel Technologies Industry to Benefit from Shift in Focus by D.O.E.
09.26.2011 - Carbon Sciences Targets Large Market for Near Term Sales
09.21.2011 - Carbon Sciences’ Plan for Energy Security Confirmed by Major Louisiana GTL Project
09.13.2011 - Carbon Sciences to Provide Breakthrough Solution to the Growing Problem of Greenhouse Gases
08.22.2011 - National Geographic Features Carbon Sciences
08.03.2011 - Carbon Sciences Identifies Vast Market Opportunity
07.11.2011 - Carbon Sciences Discloses Plan For Success
06.27.2011 - Carbon Sciences Reveals Composition of Breakthrough Catalyst
06.22.2011 - Carbon Sciences’ Breakthrough Catalyst is Key to Replacing Foreign Oil
06.06.2011 - Carbon Sciences to Produce First Samples of Diesel Fuel
05.23.2011 - Carbon Sciences Announces Successful Testing of Breakthrough Catalyst in Commercial Facility
05.03.2011 - Carbon Sciences Moves to Up-list Its Shares to Trade on a Senior U.S. Securities Exchange
04.27.2011 - Carbon Sciences Unveils New Website that Reflects Company’s Rapid Progress in Making Gasoline from Natural Gas
04.13.2011 - Carbon Sciences Engages Industry Experts to Accelerate Commercial Development
03.08.2011 - Carbon Sciences Begins Performance Testing of Breakthrough Catalyst in Commercial Facility
02.08.2011 - Carbon Sciences Accelerates Development of Breakthrough CO2 to Fuel Technology
12.27.2010 - Carbon Sciences Secures Worldwide Exclusive License to Breakthrough Greenhouse Gas Transformation Technology
11.22.2010 - Carbon Sciences Announces Successful Performance Testing of Company’s Proprietary Catalyst
09.09.2010 - Carbon Sciences’ Gas-to-Liquid Technology Featured in and Pipeline Magazine
08.09.2010 - Carbon Sciences Successfully Synthesizes Proprietary Raw Catalyst Needed for Making Gasoline Without Using Crude Oil
08.03.2010 - Carbon Sciences’ CEO Featured on CNN’s “The Big Idea”
07.27.2010 - New York Times Publishes Response from Carbon Sciences CEO to Op-ed Piece “A Bad Bet on Carbon”
07.14.2010 - Carbon Sciences Announces the Addition of Dr. Howard Fong as Scientific Advisor
07.01.2010 - Carbon Sciences Files Patent Application for Novel High Yield Membrane Reactor
06.22.2010 - Carbon Sciences Believes Gas-to-Liquids Fuel Technology Key to Energy Independence
06.07.2010 - Carbon Sciences Files Landmark Patent Application for Breakthrough CO2-Based Gas-to-Liquids Fuel Technology
05.13.2010 - Carbon Sciences CEO Participates in California Clean Innovation Conference as Featured Speaker
05.06.2010 - Carbon Sciences’ Technology Covered by Chemical Engineering and Recycling Product News
04.29.2010 - Spotlights Carbon Sciences in Earth Day Coverage
04.22.2010 - Industrial GHG Solutions Publishes “Emerging CO2 Recycling Technology Offers New Carbon Mitigation Option” Authored by Carbon Sciences’ CEO, Byron Elton
03.30.2010 - Carbon Sciences Featured on Reuters Television in "California Company Turns Greenhouse Gas Into Fuel" News Segment
01.25.2010 - Carbon Sciences Announces Major Breakthrough to Recycle CO2 into Gasoline
01.06.2010 - Top Energy Blogger Highlights Promising Potential of Carbon Sciences’ CO2 to Fuel Technology
12.17.2009 - Carbon Sciences' Proprietary CO2-to-Fuel Process Gains Additional Media Attention
12.09.2009 - EPA Classifies Carbon Dioxide as Dangerous Pollutant; Carbon Sciences Says this Pollutant is Key to Providing Unlimited Source of Fuel
11.05.2009 - FUEL magazine Publishes “Carbon Dioxide Recycling: Turning Lemons into Lemonade” Authored by Carbon Sciences’ CEO Byron Elton
10.29.2009 - Power Engineering Spotlights Carbon Sciences’ Technology as Alternative to Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS)
10.14.2009 - Carbon Sciences Unveils Video Revealing Secrets of its Breakthrough CO2-to-Fuel Technology
10.08.2009 - Carbon Sciences Achieves Major Breakthrough in CO2-to-Fuel Technology Using Synthetic Biology
08.24.2009 - Carbon Sciences CEO Invited to Speak at “Distinguished Speakers Series” at World’s Leading Aviation and Aerospace University
08.11.2009 - Carbon Sciences Applies for U.S. Department of Energy Grant
08.03.2009 - Carbon Sciences CEO Byron Elton Featured Contributor in Corp! Magazine
07.27.2009 - Carbon Sciences CEO to Address Leaders of Energy Community at Third Annual Carbon Capture and Sequestration Summit
07.20.2009 - Carbon Sciences Applauds House of Representatives’ Approval of Climate Change Bill
07.13.2009 - Carbon Sciences’ President Byron Elton Appears on CleanSkies Network to Discuss Company’s New Milestone Developments
06.29.2009 - Carbon Sciences Achieves Major Milestone in CO2-to-Fuel Reaction Time
06.17.2009 - Carbon Sciences Achieves Breakthrough in Biocatalyst Design
05.26.2009 - Fox Business News Features Carbon Sciences
05.19.2009 - Carbon Sciences Announces Development Breakthroughs Shortening Path to Commercialization of Its CO2-to-Fuel Technology
05.11.2009 - Carbon Sciences Innovations in Recycling CO2 into Fuel Acknowledged During Congressional Hearing on Capitol Hill
05.04.2009 - New York Times Special Section, "Business of Green" Features Carbon Sciences' Breakthrough CO2-to-Fuel Technology
04.21.2009 - Newsweek Online Features Exclusive Interview with Carbon Sciences' Top Executives About Company's Breakthrough CO2-to-Fuel Technology
04.20.2009 - Carbon Sciences' President Appears on CleanSkies Television Network
04.09.2009 - Carbon Sciences Featured on CNN Radio
04.01.2009 - Carbon Sciences Mimics Mother Nature, Turns CO2 Into Fuel
03.18.2009 - Carbon Sciences Appoints Byron Elton to Board of Directors
03.05.2009 - Carbon Sciences' Technology Can Produce More than 30% of Global Liquid Fuel Supply Using CO2 Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants
03.02.2009 - Carbon Sciences Completes Prototype of Breakthrough CO2-to-Fuel Technology
02.25.2009 - Carbon Sciences' Breakthrough CO2-to-Fuel Technology Featured in USA Today
02.19.2009 - Carbon Sciences Files First Patent Application for Its Breakthrough Technology to Transform CO2 into Fuel
02.11.2009 - Carbon Sciences Holds Advantage over Renewable Fuel Competitors with Low Cost Feedstock and Most Direct Technology Path
01.22.2009 - Carbon Sciences Readies for Growth as Obama Inauguration Marks Dramatic Shift in U.S. Policy and Federal Support for Renewable Energy
01.20.2009 - Carbon Sciences Provides Recap of 2008 and Preview of Plans for 2009
01.07.2009 - Carbon Sciences Appoints Dr. Naveed Aslam Chief Technology Officer
01.05.2009 - Carbon Sciences Names Byron Elton President and COO
12.15.2008 - Carbon Sciences Draws Interest From Oil Refineries at Istanbul CO2 Conference
12.01.2008 - Carbon Sciences' CEO to Address World Industry Leaders at CO2 & Energy Efficiency Forum in Istanbul
11.12.2008 - Carbon Sciences to Benefit from Obama Administration
10.29.2008 - Carbon Sciences Announces Prototype Plan for CO2-to-Fuel Technology
10.20.2008 - Carbon Sciences Reveals the Source of Hydrogen for its Low Energy CO2-to-Fuel Process
10.13.2008 - CNN Features Carbon Sciences: "Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel"
10.06.2008 - Carbon Sciences' Breakthrough Technology Enables Production of Renewable Gasoline and Other Fuels
09.24.2008 - Carbon Sciences to Transform CO2 into Fuel
09.15.2008 - Carbon Sciences' CEO Invited to Speak at Cambridge University
08.13.2008 - Carbon Sciences Opens New Research and Development Center
07.24.2008 - Popular Mechanics Features Carbon Sciences
06.30.2008 - Carbon Sciences Announces Joint Research Agreement With University and Its Research Team
06.24.2008 - Dr. Naveed Aslam Joins Carbon Sciences as Chief Technology Advisor
06.10.2008 - Changing Political Climate May Create Massive Market Opportunity for Carbon Sciences
05.28.2008 - Carbon Sciences Files International Patent
05.19.2008 - Beacon Equity Research Reaffirms 'Speculative Buy' for Carbon Sciences Inc.
05.12.2008 - Carbon Sciences Targets Near Term Multi-Billion Dollar Market for Its CO2 Transformation Technology
03.10.2008 - Carbon Sciences New Technology Reviewed by TV-20
02.25.2008 - CNET Features Carbon Sciences' New Technology to Reduce CO2 Emissions
02.04.2008 - Carbon Sciences Completes Mobile Prototype
12.06.2007 - Carbon Sciences to Unveil Mobile Prototype in January
11.01.2007 - International Chemical Engineering Expert Dr. Sagar Gadewar Joins Carbon Sciences as Advisor
10.29.2007 - Carbon Sciences, Inc. to Present at the RedChip Orlando Small Cap Investor Conference November 3
10.18.2007 - Carbon Sciences Announces Product Development Plan
09.27.2007 - Carbon Sciences, Inc., Begins Trading Under Symbol CABN
09.25.2007 - Carbon Sciences, Inc. Goes Public
06.27.2007 - Hi-Tech Veteran, Michael Stone, Joins Board of Directors at Carbon Sciences
06.20.2007 - Dr. Michael Wyrsta Appointed as Chief Scientific Advisor of Carbon Sciences, Inc.
05.11.2007 - Carbon Sciences Files Patent Application for Breakthrough Technology to Help Reduce Global Warming