New York Times Special Section, "Business of Green" Features Carbon Sciences' Breakthrough CO2-to-Fuel Technology


Santa Barbara, CA - May 4, 2009 - Carbon Sciences' (CABN), breakthrough technology that recycles carbon dioxide into infrastructure-ready fuel was featured in a recent New York Times' Special Section "The Business of Green." The April 30, 2009 article, "From Smokestacks to Your Tank," appeared in print on page F2 and online at:

As carbon-emissions regulations emerge aimed at businesses and utilities, author Matthew L. Wald examines the "alchemy of turning carbon waste into fuel," as a viable alternative to the "conventional wisdom" of carbon sequestration.

"One audacious concept is to recycle the carbon by turning it into liquid hydrocarbon fuels," he notes, adding, "For the United States, such a system would also have a strategic benefit, substituting chemical processing here for oil imports from abroad."

The article also notes that while it's been long proven that carbon dioxide (CO2) can be converted into liquid fuel, the massive amounts of energy required simply drives the cost up too high to be effective.

"The juice was not worth the squeeze," said Byron Elton, president of Carbon Sciences.

Carbon Sciences has devised a way to unravel CO2 using a "biocatalyst that will combine the hydrogen in water with the carbon dioxide, without the usual large expenditure of energy required to break the chemical bond between water's hydrogen and oxygen."

The resulting savings provides the most efficient and "direct path" to fuel from CO2. Carbon Sciences estimates that by 2030, using less than half of the CO2 emissions from coal usage alone, it can produce enough fuel to provide 30% of the global liquid fuel demand.

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Date: Monday, May 04, 2009


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