Carbon Sciences CEO Byron Elton Featured Contributor in Corp! Magazine

Company’s Breakthrough Technology is a More Efficient Path to Fuel from CO2 than Fuels Based on Biomass Technology

Santa Barbara, CA - August 3, 2009 - Byron Elton, CEO of Carbon Sciences, Inc. (CABN), is a featured contributor in this month’s edition of Corp! magazine. His article, “Carbon Dioxide Recycling: Technologies Make CO2 the Solution to the Energy and Environmental Crisis,” examines options currently being considered by the Obama administration to mitigate the amount of carbon dioxide (C02) being emitted into the atmosphere and revive the economy with a green technology revolution.

“Although conventional wisdom remains that CO2 will be sequestered underground, an alternative measure is gaining in popularity, working within the industrial waste stream of places like coal-fired plants to convert CO2 to fuel. This emerging sector is called ‘carbon recycling’ and it’s quickly advancing to becoming a viable alternative to burying gas underground,” Elton writes.

The article examines how companies like Morphic Technologies, Mentra Venture Group and Sandia National Laboratories are developing methods to directly repurpose carbon dioxide, as well as his company’s breakthrough biocatalytic technology to transform carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into gasoline and other infrastructure-ready fuels.

He underscores that one of the biggest concerns is the issue of scale, “as the world simply cannot hide enough CO2 to make a meaningful impact on a global scale.”

Carbon Sciences has devised a way to unravel CO2 using less energy and money by developing a biocatalyst that can combine the hydrogen in water with carbon dioxide to make fuel, without the historical large expenditure of energy required to break the chemical bond between water’s hydrogen and oxygen atoms. The resulting savings provides the most efficient and “direct path” to fuel. Carbon Sciences estimates that by 2030, using just 25% of the CO2 emissions from coal usage alone, it can produce enough fuel to provide 30% of the annual global liquid fuel supply

“With a timeline that projects entry into the commercial market in about 1-year for Carbon Sciences’ CO2-to-Fuel technology, the benefits that carbon recycling holds for large carbon emitting plants are overwhelming. Utilities, oil refineries, cement factories, and big-industry giants would be able to make money off of their waste stream while reducing carbon emissions significantly. Unlike biofuels based on biomass that absorb CO2 as part of their growth processes, our technology efficiently and directly transforms CO2 and H20 molecules into fuel molecules. Our technology intends to increase our national security, reduce the dependence on imported oil, and eliminate renewable fuels that compete with food supplies of the world. Direct recycling of CO2 is the only viable and sustainable solution to the world’s energy and climate crisis,” noted Elton.

Date: Monday, August 03, 2009


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