Carbon Sciences CEO Participates in California Clean Innovation Conference as Featured Speaker

Byron Elton Discusses CO2 Recycling in UCLA Sponsored Panel Discussion

Santa Barbara, CA - May 13, 2010 - Carbon Sciences, Inc. (CABN), the developer of a breakthrough technology to recycle carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into gasoline and other portable fuels, today announced CEO, Byron Elton’s participation in the 2010 California Clean Innovation Conference (CACI) that took place on Friday, May 7 at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). The annual event is designed to address what California’s energy portfolio will look like in 2020, including what technologies are looking to make major advancements.

Invited as a featured speaker on the panel, "California Energy Track: California's 2020 Energy Portfolio,” Mr. Elton addressed an audience of over 400 students, professors, local residents and industry professionals with commentary on the increasing need for an alternative form of energy that ensures the survival of the planet and our nation’s security.

Heather Clancy at ZDNet’s “GreenTech Pastures” blog recently wrote an article titled, “Don't just put a lid on it: Companies test CO2 conversion tech,” that explored the topics discussed by Elton on the CACI panel. “Carbon Sciences is working on ways to recycle carbon dioxide back into gasoline or other so-called portable fuels. Early this year, they said it had developed a new process for using flue emissions captured directly from coal plants or industrial factories in order to transform emissions into gasoline,” noted Clancy.

“While the recycling of CO2 is a new idea for most, it’s one that really resonates with people who not only want to reverse the harmful effects of greenhouse gas emissions, but see our country rely less on foreign oil,” said Byron Elton, CEO, Carbon Sciences.

Elton was joined on the panel by Clark Crawford, Sr, Director, Marketing and Business Development AMONIX; Mike Marelli, Dir. of Contract Origination & Analysis Southern California EDISON; Charles W. Vaughan, VP Sales Clipper Windpower, Inc. and; Paula Mints, Principal Solar Analyst Navigant Consulting.

Date: Thursday, May 13, 2010


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