Carbon Sciences Engages Industry Experts to Accelerate Commercial Development

Gas-to-Liquid Experts to Assist in Commercial Catalyst Design and Process Engineering

Santa Barbara, CA - April 13, 2011 - Carbon Sciences, Inc. (CABN), the developer of a breakthrough technology to make transportation fuels from natural gas, today announced a development agreement with Emerging Fuels Technology (EFT), Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Carbon Sciences’ breakthrough catalyst technology transforms natural gas into a synthetic gas (syngas), which can then be converted into gasoline and other fuels using conventional gas-to-liquids (“GTL”) technology such as Fischer-Tropsch. Specifically, the company’s novel catalyst dry reforms methane with carbon dioxide and is the most desired approach to produce syngas because of its potential to lower both the capital and operating costs. However, there is no cost-effective catalyst on the market that can sustain dry reforming reactions at an industrial scale. Carbon Sciences’ proprietary catalyst is extremely robust and has been proven to work continuously over more than 2000 hours in laboratory testing.

Byron Elton, Carbon Sciences’ CEO, commented, “We are excited to have the powerful braintrust at EFT help us in our quest to turn natural gas into gasoline. The EFT principals Ken Agee , Rafael Espinosa and Kym Arcuri are internationally recognized as top experts in their fields. We look forward to working with them to bring our important technology to market.”

Mr. Agee commented, “A cost-effective, commercial technology to dry reform methane to produce syngas from natural gas would be a significant event. However, there just hasn’t been a catalyst available to the industry to do the job well enough. When we met with the Carbon Sciences team we were immediately impressed with their initial results. If we can prove that their catalyst can perform well in more robust industrial settings, then this breakthrough can be a game-changer in the gas-to-liquids industry. We look forward to helping Carbon Sciences realize their vision.”

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Date: Wednesday, April 13, 2011


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